Our Story

Multi-instrumentalist Roby Deaton started his music career at the age of four, playing piano duets with his grandmother. At the age of five he started formal piano lessons, playing hours a day for several years.  At thirteen he picked up a guitar and taught himself to play because he wanted to become a lead guitar player making lots of money and having lots of girl friends.  After playing constantly for 2 years, he didn't have more money or girlfriends so he went back to playing keyboards.  He played with a couple of bands after a stint in the Air Force, most notably a progressive rock band Cinema (Houston TX) which opened for Dream Theater on their "Words and Images" tour.

In 2010 Roby heard Preston Reed's "Tractor Pull" and Andy McKee's "Drifting" for the first time, and it was instant love.  He had never heard of percussive acoustic fingerstyle guitar before, but purchased a Taylor 816 and jumped right in learning as much as his hands could handle.  He has been fortunate enough to take personalized lessons from some of the masters of the style: Antoine Dufour, Erik Mongrain, Jon Gomm and Mike Dawes.

In April 2014 Roby released his first acoustic solo guitar cd, titled "Pocket's of Cool".  It is a collection of nine original tunes and one cover song of Nik Kershaw's 1984 hit "Wouldn't It Be Good".  After recently purchasing a Lowden O25 he has started working on his next release, due out later this year...